Corporate Donations

Danke für Ihre Spende an den Kinderhilfsverein House of Hope e.V. München

More and more companies are aware of their social responsibility. If you would like to support our projects through your company or together with your employees, business partners or customers, you will find a few suggestions here. We are enormously happy about every action that helps us make children and adolescents smile again:

  • Instead of sending Christmas cards, which often land up in the waste paper basket right away, you can donate the costs of printing and mailing. Perhaps you can even motivate your business partners and customers to do the same by sending them a mailing.
  • Talk about House of Hope in the course of a company party (Christmas, anniversaries etc.) and collect voluntary donations from your employees and partners on this occasion.
  • Do you know the RESIDUAL CENT action? Your employees donate the residual cent amounts on their pay slips.
  • Become an ambassador of House of Hope e.V. by making reference to our association in your mailings.

If you would like to do more, talk with us about extended engagements. And there are certainly many more possibilities. We are happy about every support we receive from you.