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Thank you for donating to our children aid organisation House of Hope e.V. Munich

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Within Germany, you now have the option of making online donations comfortably and easily:
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  • With your donation order you comply with the publication in our "list of receipts and expenditures" with your name and donation amount. If you don't agree please send us a note to email

Donation Receipts  

House of Hope e.V. is recognized in Germany as a non-for-profit association. For donations up to 200 euros, the deposit slip of the banking institution is valid as a donation receipt. For donations exceeding 200 euros, you will receive a corresponding donation receipt from us. To be able to send you this receipt, we require your postal address. In any case, please send us an e-mail announcing your donation, its purpose and your exact address, thus enabling us to send the donation receipt to the right recipient. Mail address: . 

Donations to non-for-profit organisations are not tax-deductible in all foreign countries. Please inquire with the tax office competent for your place of residence abroad to find out more about the local regulations.  

Donations and Bequests 

The number of people who have no family in their old age is steadily increasing. Many of them would like to support a non-for-profit or charitable organisation by making a donation or a bequest. Our association is exempted from gift and inheritance tax and the money goes to the immediate purpose without any deductions. Compared with a bequest, a donation has the advantage that the money is immediately available for being transferred to ongoing projects.  

If you have detailed questions in this respect, please send us an e-mail and we will endeavour to give you an answer to all unclear points as soon as possible. You can reach us by e-mail to