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Orphanage Sivananda Thapovanam at Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

House of Hope is supporting a third project in Sri Lanka since August 2005: The orphanage Sivananda Thapovanam is located in the North of the island and was very badly hit from the Tsunami. House of Hope is helping to renovate the home for 140 children. (August 2005)

In August an emergency call came in from the North of Sri Lanka. The orphanage Sivananda Thapovanam at Trincomalee is the home place for 110 girls and 30 boys, which have lost their parents and relatives during the war. Now the Tsumani with its incredible power shocked the children a second time.

(Picture left: The 140 children in the classroom. Please find more pictures in the gallery, please click the link below. More pictures will be added as soon as possible.)

The orphanage was badly hit by the Tsunami. A big part was flooded and
the protection wall was destroyed (picture above right). All schoolbooks are softened by the water, the little library lost most of its history books. Also clothes, school uniforms, shoes and all the little necessities which children need are destroyed for the most parts.

 The Manager of the orphanage was trying hard to find donators to finish renovation and to buy necessary equipment which has been damaged from the Tsunami or has been lost totally during the catastrophe of December 26th, 2004. With some donations he could manage to renovate the dormitories, one classroom and showers. But now no more donations are coming in, although the money was promised. And there is still plenty to do. House of Hope will help:

Without a protection wall the orphans are not really safe. During day and night everybody can come in. There could happen child abuse and kidnapping. And if the water will rise a second time, the orphanage will be flooded again. It is not possible to move the orphanage to another place. There is no land available and there are no financial reserves to pay for such a big movement.

Our partner for this project is SLS Sri Lanka Solidarity, represented by Mr. Philippe Fabry from France. He is living for ten years now in Sri Lanka. His publishing house is publishing history books and books about the culture of Sri Lanka. After the Tsunami he started collecting donations together with friends to build houses and to buy fishing boats for the poor, who lost the little they had.Mr. Fabry will take the responsibilty for the investment of our donations for the orphanage.

SLS visited dormitories of girls and boys, classrooms, library, sanitary rooms,
the little hospital and some connected buildings. Our partner told us, that most things are refurnished at the orphanage, as this means the sanitary rooms and the sleeping rooms, dining room and one classroom. Now the orphanage is asking for help to finish the place. For example they need better wardrobes, they need ceiling ventilation in classrooms and dormitories because of high humidity and heat inside.

The children do not have enough shoes and socks, they need school uniforms, writing utensils for the school, school bags and some little furniture for classrooms. Also the library should be refilled with history books and new schoolbooks for teaching.

The manager of the orphanage made the following proposal for donations:

Rebuilding of protection wall: 1.141.490 Rupies (Rs) = appr. 8800 Euro
This is the most expensive part, but it is urgently requested.

Various clothes for the children: 155.000 Rs = appr. 1200 Euro
shoes, socks etc. for school uniforms for 140 children

School books and books for library: 35.000 Rs = appr. 270 Euro

Posters for teaching: 168.000 Rs = appr. 1300 Euro
posters with alphabet and figures for 140 Kinder

Ventilation: 25.000 Rs = appr. 200 Euro
Ceiling ventilation for classrooms and dormitories

Total Amount: 1.524.490 Rs = appr. 12.000 Euro

Please donate with reference to "Trincomalee"